This is, by far, the best self-help therapy course I have ever undertaken. The way in which we identified our issues, and addressed them was excellent because we were expertly guided by Aoife to find our own solutions. These meditation sessions are brilliant value: I have spent a lot of time on life coaches and counselling over the years, but these meditation sessions delivered more benefits to me than anything else I have ever done in self-care for my wellbeing.

Agnes Sun Lema

Aoife has an extraordinary ability to create instantaneous rapport, which helped me feel comfortable and reassured. Her attention to detail and her recall ability is second to none, again enhancing the feeling of being cared for and listened to. Aoife’s voice is calming and helped me be guided to a safe space. She is empathetic and this was crucially important for me; I immediately felt comfortable to share my thoughts, concerns, anxieties and feelings, and never felt judged. She also has a great sense of humour, and is never less than 100% in the space. I recommend her highly for anyone needing guidance, reassurance, goal clarity, or just a boost to their overall sense of well-being.

Dave Conway

Working with Lynn has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Lynn is insightful & passionate about what she does and it shows! The topic of “mental health” is everywhere these days, to the point that sometimes it can feel tiring – but Lynn consistently brings a fresh energy to concepts such as self care and improvement. I feel better coming out of our sessions than I did going in – every time! Lynn understands human nature on a deep level and she has a natural talent of leading others towards a happier and more fulfilling life. When processing past traumas or exploring emotions, she has a wonderful ability to guide you EXACTLY where you need to go. I believe Lynn cares deeply about the work she is doing and approaches every session with the nurturing qualities of a mother and the fieriness of a best friend who is always ready to check you and keep you in line when you’re slacking in focus. I plan to continue working with her for the foreseeable future – and would highly recommend everyone else do the same! 

Shauna B 

I cannot say enough good things about the service Lynn provides. The sessions with her were of immeasurable help to me in getting through a difficult period in my life and truly helped me to transform my mindset and outlook towards life. I would highly recommend her services to anyone having trouble with intrusive and unhelpful thoughts. 

Cara O S