Next Level Therapy is the brainchild of Lynn Monahan and Aoife Quirke. They have combined their training with World renowned experts in the field of personal development and the mental health arena to create life changing experiences that align body, mind and soul. This is achieved through scientifically proven cognitive, somatic and intuitive therapies and techniques. Collectively they have over 40 plus years of experience in the public service field. Lynn as a Mental Health Specialist and Aoife as an Educator. Their additional expertise from the personal development arena includes Clinical Hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Superconscious Recode, Breathwork, Emotional Release Technique, Intuitive Guidance, Reiki, Access Bars, Mind-Body Coherence, Quantum Energy Healing, Kinesiology and Auto-Somatic training. 

What’s unique about us?
    • We have both experienced adversity throughout our lives that led us on a journey to understand how to overcome external barriers and seek a better life. While on our transformational journey we realised that it is our soul’s purpose and true desire to guide others to become their own healers. It is now our mission to journey with people and teach them how to ignite their soul’s desires and live their true greatness. 
    • We have mastered  the most ground breaking spiritual and scientific tools and combined them into a successful formula to honour our clients with rapid results.
    • As guides, we teach our clients how to step into their own greatness. We support them as they embody this new identity and create their own personal and unique success structure for their life.
    • We demonstrate how attainable it is to design a life driven by client’s desires and how to make this a permanent state of living.
Our Promise

You will awaken the sleeping genius within you so its momentum directs and stirs your everyday life. You will realise your own ability to heal yourself. You will activate your own potential to carve out a new life direction for yourself so that you live from this elevated perspective. Your day-to-day will feel seamless and effortless. We walk the path of this experience with you. 

On our own journey we have tried and tested what works and what doesn’t. It is our passion & mission to share what we have learned and save others from many years of frustration and wasted time and effort. 

    We All Love “Simple” In The Hectic World of Overwhelm and Limited Time
We make your journey SIMPLE because we can