Lynn loves to hold space to explore the inner self critic so that people know the difference between this and their true nature. She guides people through beautiful powerful transformational practices of the heart & soul to compassionately explore and experience the innermost parts of themselves finding ways to make meaningful changes in their life. Through harnessing one’s internal natural states and abilities Lynn guides people to open their hearts and souls to new possibilities to shift their perspective & to carve out a life enriched with joy and fulfilment.

Lynn enjoyed working in the field of mental health for twenty years. Her work expanded from forensic care to primary care. She worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, Psychotherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Personal Development and Growth Coach, working with individuals groups & companies. She is a Magnetic Mind Certified Coach and trained as a Consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

Lynn is a dedicated conscientious parent to her two young children. She is a compassionate & caring wife & friend. She is described by others as a ‘firecracker’ passionate, focused & dedicated with the gift of extracting in others their own truth, self trust & self reliance through acceptance & love.

Lynn has a special interest in working with the human psychic from the higher self, aligning the relationship between patterns of behaviours and emotional health & well-being. She is passionate about people rediscovering their power and identity to live joyfully while creating for fun & adventure. She accentuates the importance of feeling good and focusing life from the greater aspects of ‘being-ness’.

Her methodology of working with people is to support and empower people to understand themselves in the world of their human experience and to align with their life intentions regardless of situational experiences. Lynn integrates many modalities from her extensive years of experience in health care, holistic health & personal development. She focuses through the avenues of the greater aspects of human conditioning, orienting from a structure of human creation versus the struggle of problem solving through life.

Why work with Lynn? Because she works with you until you get your results. She is a lived experience of what she imparts onto others. Her own personal journey took her on a quest of 15 years to discover transformation from ‘the inside out’ and what gives someone the quality of being the driver of their own destiny with the reality of creating joy and love beyond pain and trauma.

Aoife has been an educator for over 20 years. She has an MA in Creative and Visual Art Education and a Postgrad in Neurodiversity. She began her personal development journey many years ago while working in a wellness and holistic centre part time during her college days. In 2012 she trained in Reiki and Assess Bars and she has since studied the following:

  • The Silva Method designed by the late Jose Silva
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Rapid Transformational Therapy (including CBT, NLP, Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, and Psychology)
  • Breathwork and Meditation Instructor with the Life Awareness Project
  • Superconscious Intuitive Guide
  • Quantum Energy Healing

She is a member of the IACT (International Association of Counsellors & Therapists). She is passionate about combining all the modalities she has mastered to guide her clients through a holistic approach to self-heal their own body, mind and soul and align with their true potential. She is very intuitive in her work and creates bespoke therapeutic sessions for her clients. 

After a significant trauma that had a profound effect on her body, mind and soul, she realised that in order to heal completely it is important to look at all three areas. She went on a quest to, not only heal herself in each dimension, but to learn as many tools as possible to help others on their healing journey too. She taps into the conscious, unconscious and superconscious mind to help clients uncover and release limiting beliefs and unhelpful habitual patterns stored in the subconscious. She also incorporate somatic therapy to help shift stagnant and unhelpful energy in the body. She niches in trauma and domestic abuse but works with anyone who needs to elevate themselves from a life that no longer serves them. She works with people who are battling anxiety, depression, phobias, weight issues, anger issues, psychological conditions, physical difficulties such as IBS, PPMD, fertility, migraines, OCD, visual impairment and many more. She has helped clients unblock money issues and find their true purpose. Her structure is universal and can help anyone in any area. She has learned that in order to change our lives we must change our mindset first and foremost. Aoife finds it so rewarding to witness her clients have that “Ah-Ha” moment when they uncover what lies within their subconscious mind that has been holding them back for so long. The liberation they experience gives them a fresh and exciting new chance at life and unshackles them from their past limitations. 

Why work with Aoife? She is a lifelong learner motivated by knowledge, change and imagination. She has learned that true healing comes from within. It is her mission is to help you do the same by giving you the tools she used to heal herself from generational, childhood and adulthood trauma and stand in her “wholeness”.